Exynos 5250 (A15 dual core) vs Rk3188 (A9 quad core)

Which Processor?

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I was going to buy a tablet for uni, and as i have some experience with computers i decided to compare the tablets and buy which was best for me, however i realized I'm a complete greenhorn in terms of phone/tablet hardware.

I found that these two processor was the ones i had to pick from:

Samsung Exynos 5250 - A15 Dual core @ 2 Ghz
Has an excellent GPU T-604

Rockwell Rk3188 - A9 Quad core @ 1.8 GHz
Has an decent GPU Mali 400

I know that the Exynos has a MUCH better GPU and has the newer A15 architecture, clocked at higher speed but is a dual core.
But the Rockwell is a quad core but has a older A9 architure and has the worse GPU.

I tried to search for a comparison but came nil because I was comparing between different release date/architecture.

Could you guys people explain to this newbie the advantages and disadvantages of each processor, and which one i should pick?

Which Processor is better? why is it better? Better by how much?
Which processor would be better at Nds emulation? I know android nds emulator support multicore and GPU support
Rk3188 (quad core) vs exynos (better GPU, architechture)
Which one has the lower battery consumption?

Thank you for your time.


The Doctor
Just think of it this way: the Nexus 10 uses a dual core A15. The Nexus 7 uses a wuad core A9. The Nexus 10 is better in terms of performance.