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f16ref wired ethernet problem (Google TV Box Cortex A9 Smart Android 4.0)

Discussion in 'TV & Video' started by superyago, Oct 3, 2012.

  1. superyago

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    Sep 26, 2012

    Sep 26, 2012
    Just bought this item that have WiFi and ethernet port, ICS (ICS.MBX.20120731). After first days of use I discovered it will be better to use wired ethernet connection to connect to my internet router instead of WiFi. WiFi channel must not carry heavy video traffic and must be free for my other devices like notebooks and computers.

    Device plugged with ethernet cable to my ASUS RT-N13 router and tested to access web pages of different sites all over the world, play stream audio form tunein radio? etc. Рroblem was found. Wired connection is unstable. Every time I pressed OK on remote to go to new webpage or start playing new stream device every time do these things:
    0. page or stream begins to open (web brouser progress bar moves to 15%-20% position, tunein player buffers 20% before start playing)
    1. Device hides wired network connection status icon on the right side of status bar
    2. Status leds of the ethernet port are going down
    3. wait 1 or 2 (or 3 4 5) seconds.
    4. Status leds are back to light
    5. ethernet status icon goes back to screen
    6. Web page continues loading (more frequently it NOT continues, i.e. "error loading page" message shown). tunein player starts buffering from 0 and successfully plays music.

    Sometimes device drops ethernet connection without visible reasons (who knows when and to whome these spies send some data? May be it whant to refresh ads that shown in free apps)

    System log records (typical):
    <5>[39826.635000] init: service 'dhcpcd_eth0' (pid: 3093) is being killed
    <6>[39826.638000] init: waitpid returned pid 3093, status = 00000009
    <5>[39826.638000] init: process 'dhcpcd_eth0', pid 3093 exited
    <5>[39828.650000] init: starting 'dhcpcd_eth0'
    <5>[39828.650000] init: running 'dhcpcd_eth0' (pid: 3140)
    <5>[39828.668000] init: 'dhcpcd_eth0' (pid: 3140) started
    <5>[39843.646000] init: service 'dhcpcd_eth0' (pid: 3140) is being killed
    <6>[39843.649000] init: waitpid returned pid 3140, status = 00000009
    <5>[39843.653000] init: process 'dhcpcd_eth0', pid 3140 exited
    <5>[39845.650000] init: starting 'dhcpcd_eth0'
    <5>[39845.650000] init: running 'dhcpcd_eth0' (pid: 3188)
    <5>[39845.667000] init: 'dhcpcd_eth0' (pid: 3188) started
    (I am not shure I copyed nedded strings)

    What can I do to solve this problem?


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