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F6 issues

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Blackflag4, Oct 24, 2014.

  1. Blackflag4

    Blackflag4 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Having a few issues with my F6 and was wondering if anyone else had these issues.

    Current specs: Optimus F6 MS500 w/Xperion ROM (12b) and Freedom Kernel OC'd to 1.4 Ghz

    1: Browser Issues: Stock Metro browser sometimes has issues where it will flicker the images on the screen while trying to view a page. The pages will also stutter while attempting to scroll up or down.

    2: Reboots: Sometimes the phone will do a soft reboot while I am talking on it effectively kicking me off from the conversation. (lol obviously)

    3: Lag: Lately I have been having lag issues while just swiping between home screens. Nothing too serious, just thought I would put that out there.

    4: Battery: Been having some pretty strange battery drain over the past couple of weeks even though I have not installed anything new in the last month. One day the phone will remain at 100% for hours after the phone is taken from the charger and will last almost a whole day with constant use before needing a recharge, and some days the battery will drain like i'm trying to power my home with it, in just a few hours. Not sure if it's a hardware issue or not, or just plain old wear but the fluctuation is what is making me wonder.

    5: Screen: Lately I have noticed (last month) the screen will sometimes stay black when I press the wakeup/sleep button, but the home button and panel will light up until I press the wakeup/sleep button again and repeat the process. Again, not sure if it's hardware related or just a bug in JB that comes out over time.

    6: Reception: Over the past month I have had strange reception issues. No work has been reported on the local towers and when I first got the phone it had perfect reception. Now i'm lucky if I can get 2 bars and some times i will lose all bars for a few seconds.

    These issues have been happening more frequently lately and I know it's not a ROM issue since a few of the problems seem to be happening to my girlfriends phone as well. We bought them and activated them on the same day, and they both have been used about the same amount.
    I'm thinking a reset might be in order, but I'll wait until I get word it may be happening to someone else too..

    The only problems my girlfriend hasn't experienced yet is the browser problems and hers doesn't reboot nearly as often. Other then that, they are both seeming to have similar issues.

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  2. GameTheory

    GameTheory Android Expert

    Some phones don't run well with overclocked kernels because those rare few phones need a little more voltage so try the other "freedom kernel lite" (all the same features without overclock).

    You can also try restoring your phone back to stock 12b with kdz which usually fixes all issues...
    Restore 12b

    As for the the stock browser, I had issues with it since the day I bought the phone so I switched to chrome and been fine since. Chrome does take up more internal space though, but I don't mind. Many browsers to choose from though.

    Good luck. ;)
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  3. Blackflag4

    Blackflag4 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Wasn't wanting to go back to stock, just reset the phone. Maybe I'll give the freedom lite kernel a try like you said, but I have a feeling most of the problems are nothing to do with the kernel and ROM since my girlfriends had a few of the same issues and hers is completely stock. Maybe a fresh install of Xperion would do the trick? Maybe this thing just can't be overlooked like you said, just sad to change it since the speed was awesome. :(

    Would I need to go as far as to reinstall it or can I just do a factory restore like normal, then flash the freedom lite over the one I'm using?
  4. Blackflag4

    Blackflag4 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Oh, found problem 7 now.

    The vibrating feedback when you type now will go from a strong vibrate to a weaker and sometimes nonexistent one and back while typing.

    It has done this a few times while typing this.. lol

    This is as of last night after the original message.
  5. GameTheory

    GameTheory Android Expert

    Hmmm this is a strange one. If it were me I'd factory reset and restore 12b kdz just to start fresh. File system could be corrupt and a fresh start might do the trick.

    If you don't want to go through all that trouble then I would replace freedom overclock with lite and see how that goes. Other thing you could try is to factory reset and reflash the rom, but from what you're describing that might not help. KDZ is probably the way to go on this one and if the problems get fixed with kdz then you can reflash the rom if you like.

    yeah you can flash one kernel over the other without wiping anything

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