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F7 - Horrible GPS or Defective Unit - Please Test

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by chris431, Jul 7, 2013.

  1. chris431

    chris431 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I have had the F7 since Tuesday. I first tested the GPS on Thursday and noticed that it would not locate a GPS signal while inside the front passenger of a vehicle (SUV) unless I held it up to the window. Once I removed it from the window, the connection would drop. I subsequently tested it in another vehicle (car) and it also failed to connect while in the car. This was tested in locations 20 miles apart. Making matters worse, any little obstruction (while outside 5 feet from a 2 story building) also blocks the GPS connection. I tested it with several programs resulting in the same inadequacies. I never had any such problems with my previous Samsung Galaxy Prevail (or an iphone that has been used in both vehicles).

    Could others please test their GPS functionality. This could help determine if I have a defective unit (I'll ask for an exchange) or the GPS implementation in the F7 design is defective (I'll probably return it).

    I otherwise like the phone but if the GPS unit is this poor, it eliminates an important use and will ultimately hurt resell value.


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  2. OldCoastie

    OldCoastie Newbie

    Picked up my F7 yesterday. I fired up GPS Test and put the phone on the passenger seat near the armrest. Found 20 signals, used 12 and located me to 11 ft. All the above took about 10 seconds which includes the program starting. I'd say you have a hardware problem.

    Good luck.
  3. ineedabeer

    ineedabeer Lurker

    I got the f7 a week ago and I can get my GPS to lock at all
  4. chris431

    chris431 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Update: I purchased a second F7 unit having returned the first one due to the defective GPS. The second unit is barely any better. It is still useless for GPS purposes. Not only does it take quite a long time to lock on (when it does), but it frequently drops the lock even when out in the wide open. Just as the first unit, it cannot lock when inside any vehicle.

    There appears to be serious quality control issues with this phone. Avoid it.
  5. Rally 517

    Rally 517 Android Expert

    I haven't had any trouble with gps

    edit: well after finally being able to test gps.. yes it is a no go. signal comes in and out if not at all
  6. NumbChops

    NumbChops Member

    My gps quality has been poor (often one or two satellites) , sometimes a little slow to lock, but functional. Not sure, but it seems worse when the phone is connected 4G. I'm wondering if there's interference from the LTE radio. It might be worth investigating.

    (Edit: After watching things some more, I don't think 3G vs 4G makes a difference. )
  7. Mich91

    Mich91 Lurker

    I am having the exact same problem you have described. I emailed LG using the support section on there site. Basically what they said is that its a software problem. I don't believe it, I think it is defective hardware. I'm pretty mad because I payed good money for this phone only to find out that it is not in complete working condition. I recently moved and rely on my phones GPS to help me get around as I still don't know the area very well. This phone makes that pretty much impossible due to the GPS not working like it should. I'm wondering if I should send it in to them to have it worked on or just get a new phone :mad:
  8. chris431

    chris431 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I also spoke with LG tech support and was given the same "software" excuse as well as the "it's a carrier issue" excuse (which makes even less sense than the software excuse). I even raised the issue of accessing other software settings that aren't accessible on the F7 but that have helped resolve other Android phones with GPS issues that are related to "software." LG didn't know the settings I was talking about (aka "it's not in their tech support menu of fixes") & was unwilling (or unable) to further assist in accessing these settings (the settings are open and accessible in some other Android phones. At bottom, LG is not providing serious support to this issue and appears to prefer to play the pass the buck game.

    I purchased a Samsung Galaxy S3 (I should have received it yesterday but the etailer shipped a Galaxy Prevail 2....arggggg). It at least already has widespread community support and hopefully will not have the quality control issues of the F7 (it's worth noting that I purchased my 2 F7's from different retailers). I didn't care to play the LG lottery again having been 2/2 on a faulty GPS.

    My recommendation is to leave a 1 star rating on the phone on Boost. Perhaps this will cause them to examine the issue.
  9. MiguelAMX

    MiguelAMX Well-Known Member

    GPS is finicky on my phone. I use Runtastic and a BlackBox recorder which both uses GPS. It does sometimes lose connection and my BlackBox Recorders MPH gauge loses GPS signal A LOT.
  10. Rally 517

    Rally 517 Android Expert

    yup I finalcheck mine will driving to the lions game. and no go gps sucks. good thing I knew my way
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  11. chris431

    chris431 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Rally, Thanks for the post and update.

    After going through the two F7s, I purchased a Samsung Galaxy S3 and have no regrets. GPS works perfect and the S3 is overall snappier/smoother than the F7 (eg., I have a windows like start menu app which loads the sublevels depending on speed of onboard flash, etc. - this is the clearest example but as a whole it's smoother). The S3 screen has better contrast (better blacks) and is more vibrant (some find that a negative and refer to it as oversaturated) but it does not get as bright as the F7 (which is important in the sun). The brightness (which only affects use in bright sun) is the only downside I've noticed yet.
  12. dixie_boysles

    dixie_boysles Member

    I too have issue
  13. critter49er

    critter49er Lurker

    I've had the F7 for a week and a half now. I've tested the GPS every time I've been out and about and I've had no issues outdoors(in my car). Locks in fast and easy, sorry to hear about those who are having issues though.
  14. sortoh85

    sortoh85 Well-Known Member

    I have had a few but nothing to bad, but I do think it is boost's problem because I had a lg Venice gps worked great them boost started "updating" there towers and gps crappy
  15. MacKHAroni

    MacKHAroni Member

    I didnt have ptoblem with my gps until Iupdated my google map. so I end up using qualcomm enhance locations and turn on gps and it lock in fast my locations. I never had problems with gps ever since
  16. NumbChops

    NumbChops Member

    I said earlier the GPS was functional but slow. I have had the phone almost 3 weeks. GPS performance seems to have been deteriorating, and as of this evening it is totally broken. No GPS lock, even standing under the clear night sky. No GPS signals detected. Something is definitely wonky.

    Has anyone tried a factory reset? If not I'll give that a shot and report back.
  17. MacKHAroni

    MacKHAroni Member

    like i said on the post above you. turn on qualcomm enhance locations and gps and use your gps app and it work wonders. it a stock app that came with the phone izat qualcomm enhance location. You can also try tracker booster app too on google play
  18. NumbChops

    NumbChops Member

    Finally got a lock again, but its few and far between. so GPS is effectively no longer usable.

    Tracker booster helped a little, but not enough. The qualcomm app didn't seem to help at all. Factory reset did not help.
  19. 903Tex

    903Tex Android Enthusiast

    Inside my house


    Outside my house


    Could be hardware problem. Cause i was reading comments people were leaving for the phone on boost site and some complained about gps as well
  20. Nate7504

    Nate7504 Lurker

    This blows mine is the same, I have to have it by the windshield in the car to work at all, I don't have that advanced location service, must be a carrier option? Where would I activate it?
  21. Eric L

    Eric L Lurker

    I just recently got my F7 as well, and I love every single thing about it- except the GPS. Mine was not locking on as well. I got an app called GPS Data by Propane Apps, someone in the reviews on the Boost website said this would fix the GPS.

    I'm running it right now, but does anyone know if this actually works?
  22. llewxam

    llewxam Lurker

    I got my Optimus F7 about 6 weeks ago, GPS was good until the Google Maps update that eliminated Navigation, then it seemed the GPS was worthless. I tried various apps people had posted with no help at all.

    I did some playing around and think I have made an improvement, please test and confirm. I did not try a million different settings, maybe a dozen, and it is hard to tell the difference between the different settings. One theory I have is that just making one change re-writes/creates a config file that the Maps update broke, but that is only a wild guess. And again, these settings are not guaranteed to be the best settings to use.

    Turn on GPS
    Access the LG Hidden Menu - go to Phone and dial in the following:
    Scroll down and choose GPS Test
    Choose GNSS Pos Test
    Choose GPS Setting

    Position Mode: Standalone
    SUPL Type: Manual
    SUPL Address: supl.google.com
    SUPL Port: 7276
    TLS Mode: Enable
    Auto Del Aiding: Leave blank
    APN Setting: Leave as Internet, n.boost.ispsn
    PDE Setting: Does not open
    Fix Number: 20
    Fix Interval: 2

    In between changes I would back out to the home screen and do a full shutdown and restart.

    The default settings were as follows:
    Position Mode: Standalone
    SUPL Type: Default
    SUPL Address: (blank)
    SUPL Port: 0
    TLS Mode: Disable
    Auto Del Aiding: (null)
    APN Setting: Internet (n.boost.ispsn)
    PDE Setting: (does not open)
    Fix Number: 0
    Fix Interval: 0

    I hope this does indeed help to restore the GPS functionality and I'm not just having a case of wishful thinking, though it really does seem better to me. I am now able to see 4-6 satellites in my house though no locks, and in my car (still had to hold the phone sort of close to the window) I had 10 locks, with accuracy between high 50'-low 70'. Please post back results and any improved settings.

    Fingers crossed.

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  23. mrsmumbles

    mrsmumbles Android Enthusiast

    Hi, not sure if you know or if this affects BM in turn but Sprint discontinued GPS from data plans, I think as of the beginning of September. There was a notice on my Sprint bill.
  24. llewxam

    llewxam Lurker

    They are just dropping some software, you can't "discontinue" GPS as it isn't a 2-way communication, your phone is just listening to signals that are being broadcast. That would be like Ford discontinuing FM radio in its new cars. :)
  25. mrsmumbles

    mrsmumbles Android Enthusiast

    Dunno. I read it again and I'm not clear if just the software is removed or the nav services. It sounds like the latter when I read the material on their web site.

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