Help Facebook - Android - draining battery?


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OK, the quickest possible background possible, been completely dumb founded by the battery issue get about 10 hours if i am toggling everything off, wiped, same thing, tried every trick, awake and sleep times vastly different. you can read my past posts if you like. Well I ran my mouth about how it must be my phone, yadda yadda yadda, and as a last resort i wiped it again. and signed in with google account and THAT IS ALL, no facebook, no twitter, no nothing, lightly used my phone, never turned on my wifi (have horrible 3G at home) last night and removed all widgets from the screens, 19 hours later with low use I was at 35%

Basically I was at a loss I had done this before and had bad battery life (10 hours) losing 10% an hour etc. I started thinking and decided the absolute only other things I might have loaded the last time was swype and setup my facebook account.

I started with facebook, I clicked the facebook app and noticed I had a login prompt, I logged in and realized it didnt let me set it up like last time, let me set this up as an account, so I went into accounts, clicked add, saw 2 facebooks, one for sense, so I added the sense for facebook as an account.

Checked my battery % I was at 94% about 30 minutes later (1:10 pm), so I think one of the facebooks is causing problems, must be sense, because the other is just some sign into the web type of app, but I really like the sense facebook integration into phone so I went into manage apps, cleared the data for facebook, since there is no way to remove the account, clicked on facebook again and got the login prompt, so I just exited out.

Checked my battery again with light surfing, etc. 93% at 2:25 at this point sense was still enabled so I logged into the android facebook, checked at 3:05pm 90%, checked again at 3:15 - 88%, checked again at 3:45 - 84%, so I cleared the data again and made sure to force stop the android facebook and at 4:11 pm, I'm still at 84%

I don't know if its because I had a combination of them running, or if there is something wrong with the facebook for android app (which you can't uninstall) But I am losing lots of battery if I log into that and hardly any even thought the facebook sense is running and updating every hour.

My conclusion FACEBOOK for ANDROID, I'm wondering if anyone else haveing battery problems has logged into at some point that facebook app, and maybe if you clear the data for it under manage apps and force stop it if that might clear up the battery???