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Support Facebook app woes

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by alex_ncfc, Nov 19, 2010.

  1. alex_ncfc

    alex_ncfc Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Aug 1, 2010
    I'm having a few problems with the facebook auto-update function which I can't seem to find a fix for. I've recenty changed my password on my Facebook account using my laptop. Obviously, the Facebook app on my x10 then complained that it couldn't log in and gave me a box where I could input my new password. Job done, I thought. However, although the Facebook app itself logs in and works fine, the automatic updates which it downloads (mine is set to every hour) always errors with:

    "Could not update from Facebook.
    Could not log in"

    Leaving me thinking this must be something to do with the password (this happens when the small arrow appears in the status bar at the top) Is this only for TimeScape? Where can I change the password so that these updates can be downloaded like they were previously?

    Another issue I was hoping someone could help me with is since moving on to 2.1, and enabling the Facebook contact syncing on the initial start, my contacts are in a right mess. Most of them have now inexplicably got two mobile numbers exactly the same. This means if I was to 'click' on that contact, it would then ask me which number I want to use, despite them being the same. Is there an easy way to get my contacts back to how they were before the 2.1 update? If I was to use the backup of my contacts that I created pre-2.1, would this solve this problem?

    Lastly, why does my x10 not prompt me to install the updated Facebook app? I notice I'm on 1.3.2 and there's a newer version in the Market. Will installing this update my current Facebook app? Also is it a worthwhile update?

    Apologies as I seem to have gone off on one but these Facebook issues are the only problems I've had with 2.1 so far!!



  2. pyromatic18

    pyromatic18 Well-Known Member

    Sep 5, 2010
    The auto-update thing your talking about with the arrow in notifications is timescape updating itself with new information. When you changed the facebook credentials in the facebook app, the Timescape login details remained the same and therefore you have the problem where it cannot sync with the server.

    To fix this go into Timescape and press the Menu button and go to settings, then go to set up services, then go to facebook and deleted the account. You should then re-make the account with the updated details. And that should fix your facebook not updating issue.

    Now with the Contacts issue, when I updated I also had this problem, but what I did was tediously long to do but is the only way I know to fix it.

    You need to basically re-make each contact then separately sync each one with Facebook. After doing this my contacts is not so muddled up as yours is. Hope you can find an easier way to fix contacts though.

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