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Facebook contacts not syncing

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Morganizer, Sep 24, 2011.

  1. Morganizer

    Morganizer Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Put down the flamethrower! I've searched the entire forum and haven't found a thread with my specific issue where a solution was reached. :D

    My Bionic will not sync my FB contacts. I dont mean it wont sync them with my other contacts, I mean they're not on my phone at all. I have removed and readded my FB account from the native FB account, installed uninstalled the FB app, done a factory reset, etc all more than once. My FB contacts are just not there. My contact filter is set to view them so I would know if they were there.

    Stock Bionic not rooted. Any help is appreciated, I never had this issue on my Tbolt nor my Galaxy Tab. Thanks!

  2. bkleinkn

    bkleinkn Newbie

    I have the same problem but just assumed it was user error so I never posted.

    Go to Settings > Accounts

    Add Facebook if you haven't already. Let me know if it works (It didnt for me lol, but I am rooted)
  3. Morganizer

    Morganizer Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I tried that several times, no luck. Thanks for trying though!
  4. messenger13

    messenger13 Android Expert

    Do yourself a favor and install 'Friends Sync' from the Market. Then go to Settings > Accounts > fsync and set it up. Then you can decide how often you want it to update your friends' pics. I love the app, works really well.

    RPMGSXR Lurker

    I have the same exact issue as the original poster... is there really no solution for this???
  6. TinkFu

    TinkFu Lurker

  7. Reverence

    Reverence Android Enthusiast

    Make sure that it is syncing by in the settings->battery settings->Under one of the sections there is an option to only sync social over WiFi, maybe make sure that isn't checked.
  8. thatguy188

    thatguy188 Android Enthusiast

    Might be obvious and you've probably done this (and I can't remember the exact wording of the menu choices since im downstairs and im not running upstairs just to look, lol).

    Anyways, go into your contact -- Menu Button -- View (or something similar) and at the bottom make sure you have Facebook checked.

    Edit: ok it's: Contacts -- Menu -- Display Options -- Facebook -- check All Contacts
  9. Same issue here. Tried all the above and nothing.

    The only contacts I have are those on my Gmail contacts, and the only ones with pictures are those that I took myself and from friends on Google+.

    Nothing from Facebook. The old facebook app had a sync contacts setting that is no longer there. It worked fine on the old Droid.

    Maybe this is a result of Moto trying to integrate social networking into the phone instead of just leaving it up to the various apps to do it...
  10. Veenox

    Veenox Lurker

    Same problem here. Further more, I don't get any Facebook information through the "Social Networking" app. It's like the facebook sync just isn't occuring.

    As a side note, the Facebook for Android app works just fine.
  11. messenger13

    messenger13 Android Expert

    Hello! I gave you guys the solution in post #4! :(
  12. Veenox

    Veenox Lurker

    I actually took your advice for the time being, but that does not really mean it is a "solution" to the bug. It is a work around. Frankly I would prefer if I didn't have to use a third party app to do something my phone should already be capable of.

    Still, the program works pretty well. Thanks for the advice. :)

    I'd still like to know if anyone figures out how to get the default Facebook sync to work.
  13. i actually pulled the "Friends Sync" from the market and installed it, it added the facebook contacts with pictures, however, if I click on the newly added contacts that are similar to those that are in my contact list, for example those in my contacts list that had spelling mistakes or names with a middle initial in FB and but not spelled like that in my contact list, it added the wrong email accounts to them. Bizarre! Gonna uninstal and try again.
  14. fibercut

    fibercut Lurker

    Everything was working fine until I installed the "official facebook" app from the market. Since then the "gallery app" does not update from fb and contacts pics are gone.

    When I try to manage apps and select Moto Facebook Authenticator 2.3.4alloptions are greyed out it is not running and reports all zeros 0.00 for cache and storage

    Messenger13 has a workaround which can work but I am too hell bent on fixing something that previously worked.
  15. Yeah, same here.

    I set it up but it still hasn't sync'ed quite yet. I'll give it a few to see if it works on mine.
  16. jaycbrf4

    jaycbrf4 Member

    Just fixed it on my Droid 3. After fixing the Gapps unexpectedly quit error and deleting all my contacts...

    reinstall your Facebook account - go to mail app and click on Facebook, sync your messages first, then all contact appear in contacts app-

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