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Facebook Drama

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by czechplastik, Aug 7, 2014.

  1. czechplastik

    czechplastik Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Hi guys,

    Anyone having issues with the Facebook app?

    I updated it yesterday and now it won't open but now drains my battery in the background and causes my phone to get really toasty.

    FB Android has been hit and miss but much more stable lately.

    Running ART if it makes any difference (was working with ART just fine).

    Thoughts appreciated as always.

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  2. Crashumbc

    Crashumbc Android Expert

    I'm on VZW (davlik) and haven't had any issues.

    Have you tried clearing the the app cache>?

    if that doesn't help uninstall and reinstall?

    ART is still pretty new so its possible the update borked something also :/
  3. SpyderBite

    SpyderBite Well-Known Member

    Working fine for me as well. Used it quite a bit yesterday as I was updating some fb pages and not as much as a hiccup.
  4. BRAINZ2013

    BRAINZ2013 Extreme Android User

    See facebook does many updates from day to day week to week and so on . I been told its from you using the mobile app on a lower end phone and jumping to a different software version . it takes a day or two maybe a week . but the remembered devices is what it see . didn't make since to me either but after a month I noticed it picked up and did its thing . but now I don't even use it . it takes up to much of the android mb I think its up to 55.00 or 60.00 mb and it also makes to many trails in the systems folders for pictures just isn't located in the dcim or android folder it makes one outside of those two much of a trail . and if your rooted in your photo section you have 3 face book and some are just duplicate photos . junk if you ask me .
  5. larry510

    larry510 Newbie

    So the past couple of days I notice my Facebook app will no longer load when on my home wifi. If I disconnect from wifi and go back to the regular 3G or 4G network it works fine again. Anyone else notice this?

    Also note that on my previous LG Optimus G phone I had a similar situation where youtube videos from the play store app would not play when connected to any wifi system but would work fine on 3G or 4G. I was also able to duplicate that problem on other LG OG phones at the time so it wasn't just mine.

    So this problem is very similar to that one but this is the G3 now. Not sure what to do about it but I have already cleared the app cache and uninstalled and reinstalled the FB app from the play store. Rebooted phone. Did not solve the problem.
  6. larry510

    larry510 Newbie

    Nevermind, the issue ending up correcting itself.
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