Facebook Login Failed


Hello all, long time lurker, first post. I'm having trouble logging in to Facebook App. It worked fine two days ago, but when I try to login in now I get the following message:

Login Failed

Sorry, an unexpected error occurred.
Please try again later.
([1] An unknown error occurred)

I tired powering the device off, reinstalling the app twice, and clearing the cache. I can logon to my account through the browser.

Any suggestions?



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I was able to resolve the error. I had to add my mobile phone online and follow a couple of simple text protocols from facebook to confirm my device.

I guess Facebook allows users to use the app for a certain period of time before confirmation is required.


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Odd, I don't let Facebook have my phone number and I can log in without a problem. You may also have some security option enabled that I don't (because they don't have my # to begin with).