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Facebook Messenger SMS ringtone wont change

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Garrett Cardona, Apr 11, 2019.

  1. Garrett Cardona

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    I've been using Messenger as my default messaging app for sms and messenger messages with having messenger as a sperate ringtone from the sms message. Recently since android oreo came out the ringtone for both messenger and sms messages in messenger have been the same ringtone as before i had them set s a different tone. In my messenger settings it has still has the different tones set but both notifications are coming in as the same ringtone. So annoying. I've updated to android pie this morning and nothing new has changed. Ive forced stopped and uninstalled the app but nothing seems to work to have the seperate ringtones for messenger and sms in the same app. I've had to switch back to my regular messages app to have seperate ringtones. If anyone can help me i would apperciate it greatly. I just liked having all my messages in one place. Im also using Samsung Note 8

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