Help Facebook not syncing


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First of all yes I have searched but nothing I have read has helped resolve the problem... It seems that my phone is no longer syncing with facebook. I cannot see updates in the Social Networking app widget, and no contacts are synced with facebook no pics show up. When when I go into my contacts, and choose Facebook as the default group is says You do not have any contacts My next step is to do a factory reset but I want that to be the last thing I do.. Thanks for any help.... BTW I have tried removing my FB account and then adding it again


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Checked mine, it's working.

Are you running Launcher Pro Plus?
Have you updated LPP to v0.8.1.1?


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Sorry no I'm running completely stock... Another thing to mention is if I go to the messaging icon then click Facebook it does bring up my messages so it is syncing in that respect