Facebook Not Syncing


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Has anyone been able to sync their facebook friends with their contacts so their facebook picture shows up? When I scroll down in the facebook menu it stops at the header "Other Settings" and doesn't let me see the syncing option. Anyone else?


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It was like that on my Droid Incredible to. To sync your facebook contacts go to your app drawer, open the accounts app, menu button, add account, Facebook. It will log you in and sync your contacts.
I had small problem with this as well, it wouldn't let me log on to the social networking thing in the bionic because I had logged into the Facebook app before I set it up in the integrated social networking. Kept force closing the gallery when I tried to set it up. I uninstalled the Facebook app, logged into the integrated stuff. Worked after that.
I also reinstalled the Facebook app after that with no problems so far.


I jsut added a FB account. Now, I'm seeing that the phone is syncing 'something'.

We'll see if my contacts get synced or not.


Syncing completed, and now my FB contacts are in my contacts as well. No pics, though, at least not yet. Bummer.