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Facebook Notification Service

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by ekucera00, Nov 30, 2009.

  1. ekucera00

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    I have tried so many facebook apps on the marketplace and i have also used the mobile and touch versions of the site. Of ALL of the applications built nothing really comes close to Free User Gifts IMO. But obviously using a website i'm not gonna get pop up notifications.

    It would be nice if someone simply concentrated on perfecting facebook notifications.

    1. Someone 'likes' your status update,link,post, etc.
    2. Someone 'Comments' on your status update,link,post, etc.
    3. Someone 'Writes' on your wall.
    4. Someone tags you in a photo.
    5. Someone 'Pokes' you.
    6. Friend Requests
    7. send you a message.
    8. event invites.
    9. etc etc etc.

    and maybe even more advanced like friend specific status change alerts.

    have the notification show up similar to gmail/sms/etc. and when you pull down the notification panel and click the notification it directs to the appropriate touch.facebook.com page displaying the comment or the status update or your inbox as applicable.

    customized LED color with ringtone/vibrate options and notification time frames.

    I'm just kind of brainstorming here. Unfortunately i've never developed for Android or Facebook so i thought i would present the idea to someone on here and see if this is doable.

    Let me know what you guys thing? yes, no or maybe.
    Or maybe Google and Facebook could get off there butts and fix what they started. Lol :)

    *** Also anyone else use facebook Mobile/SMS service and not able to poke, update status or comment via SMS? I receive notifications alright. Just not able to successfully respond or do actions. This worked fine on T-Mobile (via blackberry curve). It seems to be related to verizon and/or Android. Maybe it's the nature of the SMS and extra formatting being added when it is sent.

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  2. sirideroo

    sirideroo Lurker

    I hear ya!

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