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i just got this phone like 5 days ago and i love it! but i have just one question: is there a way to get facebook notifications sent to your phone like wall post or tagged photos and etc from the app?


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The Facebook app from the market (official one by Facebook) will send you notifications for friend requests and messages but that's about it. I did see one called something like bloo facebook or something like that.

I read reviews on that one though and some complained of memory leaks, but it is free.


Purchase Babbler. Despite that it's an ugly green themed app, it's by FAR better than the facebook app. It does everything the facebook app should but can't.

You won't be disappointed.


What's the difference? What's Bloo's weakness?

No widget for the wall posts like the official facebook app and babbler have, the friends list doesn't show pictures of your friends, so if you're like me I have a few friends in a couple states with same name. I have to remember which is which in what what order etc.

Annoying to set up, you have allow access several times to do certain things but once it's done it's done.

Babbler has a bug with the pictures. You can't view them. So if foce closes.

Bloo has never forced closed once.

Try them out see which floats your boat.


I bought Babbler and like it, but I got Bloo today and can say it is far better, so far. I get notified like I want now.
Just go into your Facebook settings under 'Notifications' or 'Mobile' and you can set it up to send you text updates whenever someone writes on your wall etc. It allows you to check off the kind of updates you want texted.


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I didn't like the app, so I just have a shortcut to my FB bookmark on my home screen. It brings me to the mobile touch website.

I have my preferences on FB set to text me my notifications.