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Facebook Numbers and Emails Defaulting as Main Contact Info

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by mushugai, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. mushugai

    mushugai Lurker
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    I have an issue that I assume is consistent with all Android 2.1 phones. However, for consistency's sake: I have a HTC Hero.

    Some of my Contacts who are linked to Facebook have duplicate numbers (because one begins with a '1' and the other does not, or they are separated by '.' instead of '-')

    Also, some of my contacts list fake or old numbers on Facebook and my phone wants to call them or text those by default. (or sometimes on accident - human error)


    I wish I could have an option to edit these or mark them as "not shown" on my phone so I don't have to double check which number I am calling, texting or emailing to make sure Im using the right number or email address.

    The only option I've found is to remove the Facebook link, which is a lame workaround and leads me to forget birthdays.


  2. Chief YYZ

    Chief YYZ Well-Known Member

    Same problem on my EVO. Doesn't seem to be an issue except for using the the favorites widget. My brothers phone number is stored in my contacts as ########## format, but shows as ###.###.#### because of Facebook. If i hit the call mobile in contacts, no problem. If I try to use the favorites widget the phone says "no valid number."

    I got around it by creating a custom label and duplicating the phone number in his contact card, then set that # to default action on the widget. Really can't understand why there is no way to override the Facebook number.

    Seriously, if someone sets "****you" as their phone number on facebook, my phone will try to dial that every time I call them? Just stupid. There really needs to be a way to override Facebook crap without breaking the link. My Hero on 1.5 you could choose to use birthdays or not, not anymore as far as I can tell. Some of my Facebook friends don't have their real birthdays on there, but now my phone tells me about their fake birthday and I can't do anything about it.

    Yeah, one of my friends on facebook has her phone listed as 867-530 nine!!!!!!!!!
    Can't get that number out of my phone, WTF, really?!?!?!?!?!?
  3. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    I have a wildfire, and my friend was just able to fix this for me. We basically unlinked the contacts, went in to edit the phone contact and change the mobile number we wanted as primary to home or fax etc... then set that as the primary. link the contact to their facebook profile, then check to make sure that fax etc number is still selected as primary (if not change to primary again). Go in and edit the contact and change the fax number back to mobile. Because it is primary it will then override the facebook mobile number. Hope that works for you.

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