Jul 23, 2011
I have Facebook send me certain notifications via email like replies to my posts and birthdays.

One thing that I often do (or would like to do) is click on the "comment" or "reply" link in the body of this Facebook message, have the FB client pop up and start typing. Once in a blue moon this works with the official app. One strange thing that I commonly get is that I will click on the link to write on someone's wall for their birthday and no link seems to exist in the Facebook app that allows me to do so. Sometimes (rarely ) I can. It's as if I have multiple versions of FB running and random versions pop up.

Same thing happens with replies to comments. In the gmail message I can click to go to the conversation, where again I sometimes, not always, have the ability to reply. Or I can click on comment to reply to the comment, which again is hit or miss.

I uninstalled FB from my Note 5 yesterday and installed Folio. All FB links from gmail just launch the Folio client and take me to the beginning of my feed.

My next step will be to try other clients but it is my understanding that they are basically all just containers for a web version of FB. That's fine with me, I'd just love for those Gmail links to work.