Apr 24, 2016
Sometime during the final week of June 2022 I stopped receiving Facebook push notifications on BOTH my android devices, being
Samsung Note 9 and Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

I know the first questions will be, have you checked Facebook acount settings, device notifications settings, blah, blah, blah.

Valid question if we are discussing only one device - but FB notifications just stopped working on TWO devices. I have made no alterations to either device. Both devices are running Malwarebytes Antivirus

On my Note 9, I cleared FB data, uninstalled the app, rebooted the phone, reinstalled the app. This did nothing to resolve the issue.

I've read others have had similar issues with the last couple of months - and complaints that the FB app is a little (ok maybe a lot) buggy.

My first guess is that this is a FB problem, but I'm surprised at the lack of new issues regarding this within the last two weeks.

Any thoughts?
My first thought is that if something stops on 2 separate devices then far from being "blah, blah" checking the account settings is the obvious place to start: account settings will be common to all devices using the same account (unlike app settings, which apply to the app on a particular device). Your post doesn't make clear whether you have actually done this or not, but uninstalling and reinstalling would do nothing if this is where the problem lies.

To be honest I'd check the app settings and device settings anyway: check that notifications are enabled in the app and check that the system isn't blocking notifications from the app (the two different ways notifications could get turned off). Sure it would be odd for these things to change on both devices, but it's better to spend a minute ruling these things out rather than waste more time because you assume it can't happen (as an example, if you could imagine something happening as a result of an app update then that update would be applied to both devices).

If it's not an account setting or a weird change on both devices I'm afraid the obvious answer is indeed a problem with your Facebook account (or a bug in the FB app that only manifests on a few people's devices). But let's hope not, because I don't have much confidence in them fixing things quickly.