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Facebook synced to Contacts

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by wags4, May 21, 2010.

  1. wags4

    wags4 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I've read some threads about this and haven't found one for the moment.

    Everyone I see who has the Motorola Droid has there Contacts linked to Facebook by default it seems. On the my Moment it doesn't do this. I figured it was because I was running 1.5 and the droid had 2.0.

    I've updated to 2.1 and still Facebook doesn't sync at all for the Moment. Does the Moment not do this for some reason? Only Verizon network? Kinda confusing that the Facebook app doesn't do the same thing. I have tried going to Accounts and Sync and tried adding Facebook as new account but nothing happens. Once you click on Facebook it kicks you back to the previous screen.

    I also installed SyncMyPix but not really what I wanted and Synced a lot of them incorrectly.

    Anyone know a way to sync this?

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  2. flu13

    flu13 Android Enthusiast

    Seems to not work for the Moment. SyncMyPix is your best bet. If you don't like it, try Facebook Sync.
  3. latinmaxima

    latinmaxima Android Expert

    It isn't apparently built into 2.1 for the moment and there are several other threads about this. Please search before duplicating threads.
  4. Solo

    Solo Member

    Here. This works for me and some others.


    Just in case I am not allowed to post other links here I am sorry and will remove it asap!
  5. AlkiDweller

    AlkiDweller Android Enthusiast

    Considering all the security problems I've been reading about lately with Facebook, you may want to consider yourself lucky.
  6. gmjlopez

    gmjlopez Well-Known Member

    What is weird is 2.1 does provide an option to sync to facebook. When I click on it nothing happens. I just used SyncMyPix. It worked great.
  7. Solo

    Solo Member

    I didn't post the apk above for style. download it remove the current facebook ap replace it with that one....wallah. synced facebook contacts.
  8. Soufjerzz

    Soufjerzz Member

    i downloaded it but it shows up as a zip file.
  9. Solo

    Solo Member

    what file viewer are you using? astro, androzip etc?
  10. Soufjerzz

    Soufjerzz Member

    I got it, I needed to save it as a .apk file
  11. Solo

    Solo Member

    alright make sure to remove the current facebook first. Let me know how it works out for you after install.
  12. Soufjerzz

    Soufjerzz Member

    SyncmyPix works better. The Facebook App didnt sync any of my pics.
  13. NOMster

    NOMster Android Enthusiast

    you're doing it wrong if it didnt sync up.
  14. aboz822

    aboz822 Lurker

    tried to use facebook.apk and when i typed the url into my moment browser it wouldn't let me finish typing. all i got was http://nwnetfx and then it would disappear. any suggestions? is this still valid? thanks for the help.
  15. aboz822 ... click on the link then save the file as a apk file and then mount your phone and put it in your folder then use like astro to install and bam done
  16. NOMster

    NOMster Android Enthusiast

    is this the only phone that this is an issue on? the apk syncs photos and phones but it adds like 5 slots for contact info and it takes yiu to your own profile. i seem to get that it works fine on other phones so what gives?
  17. strra

    strra Newbie

    does it sync pictures too? that's pretty much what i'm looking for...
  18. NOMster

    NOMster Android Enthusiast

    it syncs pics.
  19. strra

    strra Newbie

    what rom are you using? stock? i just tried it on noobnl's and it will match contacts to profiles but won't sync anything. plus, every time it syncs, it adds another "view profile" link to each contact... so through a day it gets like 2 or 3 more links to the bottom lol
  20. NOMster

    NOMster Android Enthusiast

    yeah, it does add those extra profiles on mine too. but i am using joeys kernel no rom, just a custom set up i wanted. i see all my pics no problem.
  21. jpmi23

    jpmi23 Lurker

  22. strra

    strra Newbie

    i wish facebook would just fix this
  23. NOMster

    NOMster Android Enthusiast

  24. NOMster

    NOMster Android Enthusiast

    try Mixedin: facebook from the market.
  25. strra

    strra Newbie

    i try to log in and i get a loop at "allow asurion mobile addressbook to access my news feed and wall"... won't log in

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