Oct 21, 2011
Niagara Falls, Ontario
Today I have seen on Facebook via ios and via blackberry and last week I even saw a via Nokia. Nokia?lol. Tried to make a post from my S3 and it still says via mobile. I remember a time it did work, then for a time it only showed Blackberry. Today I have seen ios for the first time in a while. Does anyone else get their S3 to say via Android on Facebook or are you stuck with via mobile as well? Seems all the other phones display via whatever they are/their OS.
It sure does. Thanks for that. This app looks awesome. Would still be nice to know why the FB app doesn't show it when everyone else gets it but this is even better. Instead of via Android it Can say Via Galaxy S3. Or pencil, typewriter, microwave oven, Mark Zuckerberg, hell. Yeah this app is gonna be fun :D
It never really mattered to me. I know a couple people who got bent out of shape about it. I just don't understand why it matters lol