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Facebook. What's the secret to login?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by bigbadwulff, Aug 17, 2010.

  1. bigbadwulff

    bigbadwulff Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Cannot log into Facebook at all. Yes, I have the correct e-mail and password.
    What's the secret to login from an android phone?
    I can't even get to 'visit our Help Center'.
    Tried thru the browser and then the Facebook app. Actually you get to the same login page.

  2. themobileman

    themobileman Newbie

    Are you accessing the website through your phone's browser or is it a Facebook app you are using?

    Try going to Welcome to Facebook | Facebook on your device and see how you fare.

    If you cannot log in via either, purge your cache in your browser and delete Facebook's data in the Application settings on the phone and try again.
  3. bigbadwulff

    bigbadwulff Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    OK. Will try that.
    So, why do you have to do that? That is quite weird.

    Tried it. Get that same login page.

    Every time I login it comes back to the login page....?????

    Now, when I type that little window that pops up to give you word and letter choices overlaps the keyboard???? WTF!!!??

    Gonna try a battery pull................
  4. themobileman

    themobileman Newbie

    Link was for the phones browser.

    Just type the address into your browser on your phone. You should get the login prompt.
  5. themobileman

    themobileman Newbie

    For some bizarre reason this forum automatically converts any link you post into the title of the page the link points to.

    The address you need for the phone is below...

    Code (Text):
    1. http://touch.facebook.com
  6. themobileman

    themobileman Newbie

    Ok so what happens when you have attempted to login? Does it say bad username/password or does it do something else?

    Also...can you login to the Facebook account via a computer?
  7. bigbadwulff

    bigbadwulff Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    It comes back to login page every time, whether I hit 'go' or 'login', are on 3G or WiFi

    I can get in via computer with no problems.

    Went to "full site" and tried again:

    Now I get a message saying cookies are not enabled. How do I do that...or do I want to? Have had no problems with any other website. Been on many thru the phone.

    Went to settings thru browser and checked "accept cookies" and it still does that. I even cleared out the cookies and tried again and the same thing.

    Tried one more time and got in................SOMEHOW! I guess you have to enable cookies.
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  8. themobileman

    themobileman Newbie

    When you try to log in on the phone does it say anything about a bad username or password? What does it do after you have pressed the login button?

    Make sure you have logged out of Facebook on your PC.

    Clear your phone browsers cache by doing the following...

    1. Open "Internet" or whatever the browser is called on the Droid X.
    2. Press the physical "Menu" key on your phone and go down to "More" and then "Settings".
    3. Go down to "Clear cache" and press it. Say OK to the confirmation.
    4. Return to the browsers main screen.

    Try logging in again on the phone by going to the address I gave in the post above. If you still cannot get in it is likely one of two things. Either...

    a) There is something up with your keyboard and it is sending the wrong characters.
    b) Something or some setting is blocking the Facebook cookie.

    You can also try with the official Facebook app by first making sure all it's data is deleted before you login. To do this go into Settings, then "Applications" and from there "Manage applications". Find Facebook in the list of installed apps and select it. There will be an option to "Clear data". Clear it and come out of the settings and then re-attempt to log in via the Facebook app.
  9. bigbadwulff

    bigbadwulff Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Clearing cookies and then enabling cookies got me in............makes no sense???
  10. &roid

    &roid Well-Known Member

    I use
    Code (Text):
    1. http://m.facebook.com
  11. john0821

    john0821 Android Enthusiast

    It's dumb. I can log on through the app without issues, but I prefer the touch.facebook.com version. Lately, I've had the same issues as you with logging in. Now the only way I can log in (aside from the app) is through the full site on the web. The mobile version of Facebook doesn't even let me log on.
  12. themobileman

    themobileman Newbie

    Actually it makes a fair bit of sense. A corrupted or incorrect cookie would effectively lock you out if it could not be overwritten.
  13. themobileman

    themobileman Newbie

    Follow the instructions in the post above for clearing your cache and cookies and you will be able to log in. If you can't log in it's because your browser either cannot set or overwrite the Facebook cookie. Check your cookie settings on the phones browser.

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