I have the motorola droid in the fews week i noicted that i can't upload pix to facebook It just started. IS anyone else having prombles with this.
Dan I actually started a similar thread 2 minutes before this one. facebook does not show up as an option for me. This is a recent thing, as I have uploaded pics and videos to facebook before.
I can't even get the option to upload one picture anymore. I can't delete the facebook app so that I can re-install it. Chris do you have the ability to delete your facebook app? menu->settings->applications->manage applications->all
Turn your phone around, then try it. I just did and it worked fine

You're right. It's not there when I am in landscape mode, but works fine in Portrait. Another interesting thing, is that the facebook option doesn't show up at all in either mode with a video file. That's what I was initially trying to upload. Are you able to upload video files?


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Aug99a...great catch. I wouldn't have thought to check landscape, since I use swype and almost always use portrait except for web surfing.