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facing problems with samsung galaxy S3 after recent update

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by Android Question, Jan 1, 2014.

  1. Android Question

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    A recent software update for my Samsung Galaxy S3 has left me facing numerous problems. The incoming mess sages are being received numerous times. The device has become extremely slow. the battery takes ages to charge (more then 4-5 hours at a time) although it was working fine before the update and then the regular usage vanishes the battery. (I am a housewife doing regular calls, occasional FB and Vibre). I cannot even use skype on my device as it eats up the battery in matter of minutes.

  2. Rukbat

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    You're facing the same problem everyone with an S3 with the 4.3 update is - and you'll have to wait until Samsung comes up with a new update that eliminates those bugs, like everyone else will. You've only found a few of them - there are many, many more.
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