Help Factory apps won't work

Hi, couldn't find a thread about this so figured I'd have to ask the question for once.

None of the apps that my phone originally had installed are working. I noticed this when my alarm clock suddenly didn't work. When I try to open "Album" it just loads eternally in the upper right corner and then my phone just shuts off after a while if i don't press "back" in 2 minutes. My Walkman doesn't work either. I've tried to clear the data on everythinga and restarting my phone, but nothing seems to work.

I recently replaced my old 32gb sdcard with a 64gb and filled it up completely, I don't think this has anything to do with my problem, but you never know.

Help is really needed, I need my music.


Check six!
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The first thing to try is powering off the phone, removing the microSD card, then restarting. If the behaviour persists then you can most likely rule out a problem wih the card itself.

The next step is to back up any essential data on the phone and perform a Factory data reset from Settings/Backup & restore.