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Support Factory Cable Connected, Can't Mount to PC

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by shintaku, May 7, 2012.

  1. shintaku

    shintaku New Member
    Thread Starter

    May 7, 2012
    I have an issue and I can't connect my phone via USB to my computer. I can charge it and everything. I've tried 3 different computers and they all say the same thing:

    USB connected you can not switch USB mode with factory cable

    Can anyone help me with this at all? This is REALLY annoying.


  2. cocokasper

    cocokasper Well-Known Member

    May 13, 2012
    Automotive, computer, & electrical Tech
    Bay Area CA
    this is the fist time i've had this problem. I just returned to stock ROM, and i'm trying to unroot. but having this Issue. It's the same cable I rooted with (my LG esteem, metro pcs) and have been using for almost a year via USB. I have never seen this message until today
    pull the status bar down to switch USB mode, and it says "you can not switch USB mode with a factory cable"

    can anyone help I really need to unroot ASAP to return for a warranty issue so I can make calls.

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