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Factory Data Reset

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by techlearn, Sep 23, 2011.

  1. techlearn

    techlearn Member
    Thread Starter

    Hi all
    I want to perform a reset of my phone as it is running on a very low internal memory. I just want to know few things that do i need to root it again or it will be rooted even after factory data reset. Another Question is that is there another method to move my apps to SD card. I have seen few threads that needs to create partition on SD card so that we can transfer apps 2 sd card.


  2. roofrider

    roofrider Member

    i dont know if it will unroot ur phone cuz i didn try it. sry i'm not more helpful.
    but rooting isnt a prob, can be dont in a few mins so not a big issue. if u dont want to partition ur card, then try gemini app manager..i have not used it but a few others have...netas3k has.
  3. yagya

    yagya Android Enthusiast

    Hello there, I think you don't have to root your phone again if you do factory reset cause it will preseve your system app and by default super user will also be in system app ( Btw if it does remove it, you can re root it using universal root application)

    If you want to install application to sdcard read this article Handy Informations: How to Install Applications to SD Card in Your Android Smart Phone?
    Hope it will provide you all the details you need ...:):)
  4. techlearn

    techlearn Member
    Thread Starter

    will try that before reset, what if i hard reset the phone coz i need maximum internal memory back
  5. techlearn

    techlearn Member
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    Gemini App Manager, does the work it even transferred few apps that are not transfarable by aaps2sd pro :D
  6. techlearn

    techlearn Member
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    i have tried both factory reset as well as factory format, but still it will be rooted.
  7. chandan5111

    chandan5111 Lurker

    Dont reset ur phone brother. 1. U want to copy ur phone things to memory card. very simple just dial (open ur key pad) *#9900# then press call button. Then u can see the option like "COPY TO MEMORY CARD". Just click on the option. Now all the files transfered to memory card but u cant see any copying process like computer on ur screen. evry week u do like this. then ur galaxy mini allow thousands of files can be downloaded.
    2. Every time u clear the RAM also for better performance.
    Open Task Manager---->see the option like " RAM" then u can click on RAM . It will clear all ur running application and give u more space to download.
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    Chandan kumar

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