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Factory Reset Before I Sell?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by stevez444, Aug 1, 2010.

  1. stevez444

    stevez444 Member
    Thread Starter

    I have two Droid X's scheduled for delivery this week.

    I'm going to sell our Droid 1's on Craig's List after we get the X's up and running.

    If I do a factory reset on the Droid 1's with the SD cards installed, will it wipe out all data and make it safe to sell?


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  2. holmgren

    holmgren Well-Known Member

    Doing a factory reset will not erase anything on the SD card. You are going to have to format the SD card separately. You can either remove the SD card and use a SD card reader to connect to the computer and assuming you are on a PC, go to Start>Run>"Format X:". With the X being what ever drive the SD card is in. Or, on the phone go to, Settings>SD card & phone storage settings>Unmount SD card>Format SD card.

    But, yes, I would definitely recommend doing a Factory Reset, maybe even a couple times to be sure.
  3. supersaki

    supersaki Android Enthusiast

    For some reason, even after a complete wipe of the phone (boot,system,data,cache), my wallpaper stays. I also did not sign in or use a google account (skipped that in the initial setup). I don't know how it survives me wiping everything, and I've also tested with no sdcard installed. Also the launcher seems to retain my desktop configuration from when I first setup the phone. Again, I don't know where these settings are being saved.

    Otherwise, all personal information is removed from the phone. This post was a 'just in case I use a naked picture of my girlfriend for my wallpaper' warning.
  4. doomedromance

    doomedromance Android Enthusiast

    Your wallpaper and phone setting stay because you have it sync'd to the google cloud. When you sign in your gmail account on your phone it automatically transfers all that settings back to your phone.

    When you get the phone ready to sell make sure you go into account settings and remove your google/facebook/twitter accounts from the phone.
  5. supersaki

    supersaki Android Enthusiast

    I guess I should have specified that also, I skipped the google sign in as well. I will edit my previous post to reflect that. The only thing I didn't do was flash a baseband so my phone wasn't activated on my verizon account any more.
  6. Chugworth

    Chugworth Member

    Before selling, I recommend running a couple of passes of SDelete (with the -z switch) on the SD card to prevent anyone from recovering any of your files.

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