Factory reset cannot erase personal files completely. What can I do?


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Hi, I am trading in my Galaxy Note on tomorrow. I have done a factory reset twice. However, when I chose the "My files" icon, a lot of folders with my files are still there. Why factory reset did not earse all my files? What can I do to erase everything completely? Maybe there are other files (e.g. settings, passwords, etc.) outside "My files" that I am not aware of.

My phone is under GB. Will upgrading it to ICS remove everything? I worry that during the upgrading, something bad may happen. I may end up not being able to sell the phone. I have already removed my SD card.


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The only files that it may save are media files and contact information, if you made a backup.

If you have backups i would suggest to delete them off the device.


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Internal storage shows up as SD card in the My Files app, and the removable SD card is "external_sd". Anyway, no matter what factory reset you do, the My Files app will never be empty, because it was never empty to begin with from the factory. There are several folders there which would belong to the Android OS itself.