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Factory reset done outside US. Stuck in searching for Sprint! Any clues?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by mutyalarao, Apr 18, 2012.

  1. mutyalarao

    mutyalarao Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I have the XPRT purchased in US but started using in India without activating meaning I do not have a sprint number.

    Recently i did a factory reset oblivious of the fact it would rest to a "perfect" factory condition. Now my XPRT while booting, gets stuck searching for Sprint network which of course is not in India. Either I can only power off or let it die searching. No option is shown for Airplane mode. Motorola/Sprint says atleast once it should get Sprint network for me to see that Airplane mode option.

    As I do not have a Sprint number, they are not able to help. Neither Motorola.

    Any workaround to crack in and surpass this network loop? Is this what is the carrier unlock? If so anyone have tried this on XPRT?:hmmmm:

    Unable to Set the "USB development" mode, through USB cable I am not able to attach/debug my XPRT with Android debugger as well.


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  2. nick222

    nick222 Lurker

    I get the same issue with this phone, but if you leave it there for 5-8 minutes, the hands-free activation screen times out, it gives you a screen saying it could not locate Sprint services and instructions to try again later (yeah, sure)... just press OK in this screen, and is good to go... just don't forget to turn on Airplane mode everytime you turn off the phone, though after a reset you won't avoid it...
  3. mazengsa

    mazengsa Lurker

    you need to root your devise (use superclickone 2.2), then install a software named: Taitanum Backup and remove the Sprint gadgets installed on your device.. dont forget to backup any file you want to delete... your device will run smoothly after that with no network-searching screen

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