Factory Reset... Lost App Data


I just did a factory reset and I thought if putting my apps on my SD card.. The process of going under app settings and "Move to SD Card" and then "Unmounting SD card" DURING the reset, would save my apps..

Pretty much after the reset I thought plugging my SD card would Re-Install my apps and would indefinetly save my App Game Save Data and the apps that were said to "Move to SD Card"...

I just plugged my SD card in and NO DL games were not on it... Idk what to do because I lost valuable Game Saves and will be PISSED if I can recover these. Idk what to do... Please help...

Q1.) How can I recover my Game Saves?

I backed up my content to Google account but I dont know what was backed up.

I Just dont know what to do!!! PLEASE HELP.. :'(


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I’m no expert here, but have done a few factory resets. The reset basically formats your internal storage drive and rewrites it to be exactly what it was when you first unboxed the phone, but it doesn’t pay any attention to external storage, aka the SD card.

As for your games, if you individually backed them up before the reset, to external, you should be able to individually retrieve data. Alternatively, an app might use the cloud to backup, to be retrieved like the usual Google sync stuff.

But if that data was only on internal before the reset, it’s history now... ain’t no comforting way to say that.


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Nvm I downloaded AstroZip and started exploring my files and I went under

SD CARD>Android>My Games>Data>Save Games>Data

And it showed all my previous app Datas for my saved games. I thought since plugging my SD Card in my Apps would pop up and when they didnt I thought I lost my data.. Thank God I didnt..

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"Moving apps to sd" only moves part of the app, and none of the app data. That's why replacing the card did not make them reappear - the apps were no longer installed, and even if parts of them were in sdcard/.android_secure there would be no link to those components.

You are lucky you had a backup of the data :)


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For what it's worth move to sd only moves part of the app (the .apk file &, depending on the android version, the .lib file) so a factory reset will still remove some of the app & certainly it's directory entry.

That said if the app backs itself up to the sd you should be able to restore that.