Help Factory Reset Problem

I deleted my contacts to start fresh with a factory reset but now I'm having trouble with that. From SD and storage I selected factory reset like I have before but it freezes 5 seconds in and force stops. Then my signal is 0 and power button says its in airplane mode. Had to battery pull.

Also in lock mode my wallpaper is black. After battery pull its always black. If I select a wp from HTC it says phone memory full. Buy as far as I can tell its not full. If I select a wp from gallery.. gallery force stops.

Also, on Friday the dialer stopped working. the dialer won't load from homescreen Phone button.
Solution was downloading onedialer from market. But I'd still like to fix it correctly.

These issues may or may not be related but something is definitely screwed up.

It appears that software update is screwed up too. Click it and I get force close.

Just about everything is saying force close now.

Dinc2 nonrooted with gb.