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Factory Reset problems

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ImNorm, Aug 4, 2020.

  1. ImNorm

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    Its been quite a while since I've had any Android device myself, so please forgive me of any ignorance on my part.

    A friend who works for a local hospital was given two Galaxy Tab E 9.6's after a vendor who provided them to the hospital didn't want them back after a long-term demo/trial. She'd like to give them to her two children.

    The devices seem to be locked down pretty well. The home button is locked down by a security profile and I am not able to access any settings or other apps on the device.

    I've tried reinstalling an original firmware/ROM using Odin3 and a USB Cable, which seemed to success, but the security profile still seems to be in place. If I try to do a factory reset I get a message say something to the effect of MDM prevents a Factory Reset.

    I see Odin has several additional selections beside AP but I'm not sure what the others do or if they would be useful in this situation. Any advice would be appreciated.

  2. svim

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    Any chance your friend can take those Tab E's back to the hospital to have the IT staff there disable MDM?
    An important aspect to Mobile Device Management is preventing the user from being to readily bypass the security protocols in place. For the rest of us, typical consumers, Android's FRP is sometimes overcome by flashing an appropriate ROM but MDM is more of a corporate/small business service so it gets extra layers of protection. From your description, it sounds like someone at the hospital still needs to properly 'decommission' those devices from the hospital's inventory records.
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