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factory reset-saving contact information

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by BrendaRiley, Jan 6, 2014.

  1. BrendaRiley

    BrendaRiley Guest
    Thread Starter

    How do I back my contacts and all other information from my phone so that I can do a factory reset? My grandson downloaded a game sometime ago and I cannot get rid of games popping up on my screen all the time. No matter what I select games and advertisements pop up. I've tried to clean the google play store, play services and books but get no relief from the popups. And I've tried deleting the games but I cannot. My only resolve I suppose is to do a factory reset but I do not want to lose all my contacts and numbers. I would be lost without them. Thanks for your help

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  2. ErinGoBragh

    ErinGoBragh Well-Known Member

    Double check this, but your contacts should be synced with your google account.

    To check this, log into your google account through gmail on a computer, go into your contacts and look to see that all their phone numbers, email addresses, etc are there.

    Then after you do a factory reset, add your google account to the phone and all your contacts will sync to the phone.
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