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Failed to Obtain Root Access Link2SD error

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by Carlos Arroyo, Jan 20, 2016.

  1. Carlos Arroyo

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    So today I installed Link2SD after I finished making the partitions for my MicroSD card fortunately everything went well and there was no error, until I came to the Move to SD section in the Link2SD app. It prompted me with an error saying that It failed to obtained Root Access and that If I'am a SuperUser I should grant the permissions, and of course, I've already done that when my phone asked me, the thing is, I did grant permission but with the KingRoot app, and it seemed like I had to do it with the SuperSU app, so I uninstalled Link2SD and installed SuperSU after that I installed Link2SD again, but for some reason now it doesn't asks me for any permissions and it's still giving me the "Failed to get Root access" problem.

    So what should I do re-rooting my phone or what? I'm getting really desperate since I've been trying to solve this since I woke up today + the time invested doing the partitions correctly, so It would be nice to get some gelp :D Thanks!

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