Did you have problems in your phone/tablet for TTS to detect multilingual language automatically ?

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May 18, 2011
I install both Neospeak and SVOX in my tablet running Android 2.2 :

(1) I buy both English and Spanish voice from SVOX
(2) I subscribe both English and Spanish news using Neospeak

The English and Spanish news are shown in Neospeak in a list one by one. However, Neospeak / SVOX fails to detect the language of the news automatically. The TTS engine either speaks all the news in English even though the news is written in Spanish or vice versa.

I need to change the language to Spanish manually in 'Setting for TTS' for Spanish news and English for English news. Even though the "overriding the default language" is unchecked, Neospeak / SVOX still fails to detect the language of the news and i have to manually switch the language option in 'Setting for TTS' for either English / Spanish, but there is no option for me to select 'automatically detected'.

I have been dragged on this problem for a long time and no solution can be found from Internet. Anyone can kindly help me? Thanks.