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Fake Call: How to Politely Escape From Unwanted Situations

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Yumi, Mar 11, 2011.

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    Dec 6, 2010

    Dec 6, 2010
    Have you ever have a mind to give yourself a call? I mean fake call. Of course, it is impossible that you can actually call yourself. What do we use this fake call for? Just keep reading to find the answer.
    What will you do when you really want to escape from a very boring party, an awful dating or other unwanted situations? Some people will keep enduring till the end; some people prefer to leave with some excuses. If keep staying drives you crazy, I persuade you to leave. Now, we will discuss some ways to help you politely escape from unwanted situations.
    Ways That Help You Politely Escape from Unwanted Situations
    First, find some excuses by yourself. When you are sticky in certain unwanted occasion and trying to escape, you can find some believable excuses for you to leave. Such as, you have to leave to handle some very important affairs. But the precondition is that your excuse must be reasonable and believable, or you will leave a bad impression for others.
    Second, stealthily send a message to your friend to let him/her pretend to call you with an emergency. But you have to plan it well with your friend.
    The third, give you a fake call. As we have mention at the beginning of the article, you can give yourself a stimulated call with an app named Fake Call, which is specially designed for android device users to avoid the embarrassment for escaping from any unwanted occasion. What you need to do is to preset a call at a specific time. Once the time is up, you will receive a fake call, which looks just like it is real. If you want to make it more believable, you even can pre-record some words.
    Main features:
    >choose any contact from your list;
    >customize any income name and number;
    >select a different ring tone from your actual one;
    >choose to call now or at a specific time;
    Fake call also is a funny widget for trick. You can secretly install it on your friend? phone and pre-record some word. It would be very funny once your friend answers the phone.
    From now on, you don?t need to worry about finding a perfect excuse for avoiding the impoliteness and embarrassment for running away from unwanted and sticky situations. I hope the above methods can help you a little bit.
    If you prefer to use Fake Call as a weapon to against unwanted situations, please visit Fake Call for more info.


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