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Fake permissions

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by kazenoko, Aug 8, 2013.

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    Oct 30, 2012

    Oct 30, 2012
    UPDATE: Link has been update to the Free Link (sorry about that)

    Beta testing for a fake permissions app.

    Please email us with any issues you may have before writing a negative review or rating of the app. APPZINVENTORS@GMAIL.COM

    Privacy and Security is everyone's concern nowadays and henceforth, we have developed this app for you to keep a check on that.
    First, we would like to Thank - Huawei, NC State University & Workthatmatters who helped us to develop this application.
    Fake Permission:
    The most power full app that will allow user to send FAKE PERMISSION to any app which users feel are stealing their private data.
    Fake Permissions is the only way to fully protect you and stop apps from gathering your personal and any other information they can capture from you’re phone. Fake Permissions reveals all your apps hidden permissions and then safely fixes them, so you can still use your apps with the assurance of full protection. Keep your device and your personal information safe and secure today!
    Fake Permission features:
    ☆ Find out list of user installed apps
    ☆ View details of your apps hidden permissions. View all the permissions.
    ☆ Fix specific permission problems you don’t want.
    ☆ Suspicious apps list (Android 4.3 Feature).
    ☆ Fake Permission - Click Activate button to enable the Fake permissions to any particular app which you feel is steeling your private data.
    ☆ Uninstall the unwanted app(s)
    ☆☆ This app will create a folder called "Fake Permission" which will have a file named "Fake Permission.txt" inside your device SD card memory. FOR THIS SERVICE TO RUN PROPERLY YOU MUST RESTART YOUR PHONE ONCE YOU ACTIVATE THE SERVICE.
    Fake Permission is the only app that can fully Show you the apps that steal your private information and may be harmful. It is unlike any other app in its category. It can actually scan through other app's code to find privacy issues. No other app can do this on Android! This is what sets Fake Permission apart from other apps that claim protection.
    Get the security you need which other apps like Anti-Virus Pro, Lookout Mobile Security, McAfee WaveSecure can’t find and fix.
    And, let us know your feedback at appzinventors@gmail.com



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