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Has anyone noticed that an app somehow grows bigger after installation? I downloaded two flashlight apps that were 4.8 MB and 3 MB respectively. However, after installing and reviewing the apps in the settings, they grew to 20 MB and 12 MB. This is all bare app size and no cache or other excess memory... Is this just the results of publishers failing to post the correct size for their apps or is it some bullcrap bug? I'm using a Note 4.


The Doctor
It's not a bug, and it is to be expected on all kinds of software. Even Windows programs on a PC work like this. NBA 2k16 on a PC for example has an installer 35GB in size, but the actual size of the installed game is 50GB. This is because the app size you see is the compressed installer so that on download you use less data. On installing, these installer packages are decompiled so that the OS can make use of them, thus getting bigger. This thing has been going on in all computing devices for like as long as the invention of data compression.

It's not something we don't notice. It's something that for us more techno-literate, we take for granted as normal and common knowledge, when it's really not common knowledge. Lol.