Farewell - I switched to the iPhone

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Hello all,

Well I finally switched to the iPhone on VM. Why? I have a Macbook and a Mac Desktop and I just wanted to play around with an iPhone for awhile.

Thank you to all the devs over the last 12 months. :)

If anyone is interested in a perfect EVO with all that comes retail, plus an extended battery, case and official HTC car mount, drop me an IM. I'm thinking $150 shipped is reasonable. Phone is perfect.

Thanks all.

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The iPhone is a fine phone for sure. I have several things that prevent me from owning one, but that's just me (everyone is different). I hope you enjoy your new phone, and I suppose we won't be seeing too much more of you around these parts unless you decide to come back to Android. Don't forget your login info :p


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I am also a person who Android suits much better than iPhone. I find all the Apple iThings to be very frustrating. I have an iPad (it was a gift - I would have preferred an Android tab), and I guess I am used to how Android handles things more than iTunes.
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