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Jan 1, 2013
I've only got 2 episodes to go before I watch the Peacekeeper wars. I didn't get to watch the whole series when it originally aired because I had a crappy local cable company that drooped and added channels frequently. Now that I've had time to watch the whole series, I consider it my favorite sci-f series of all time!
It's a good series, but my favorite still remains to be Battle Star Galatica :)
I agree. I'm re-watching BSG for the 4th or 5th time atm. It's such a great series, with amazing characters. Fringe is another favorite. I really like Farscape as well. I'm glad they finished it with Peace Keeper wars.
I'm about to watch Peacekeeper Wars right now. When my wife gets back from out of state we're going to watch the whole series together. I definitely don't mind watching again!
I haven't seen Firefly/Serenity yet but I've seen Babylon 5 twice and love it. The movies were just ok IMO but the show was awesome!

I'm also a big Star Trek fan, my favorite being TNG because it's what I grew up watching.
Serenity is the capper to Firefly, just as the Peacekeeper Wars are to Farscape. I bet you'll like it, especially if you have Netflix because they have both pilots in the series.
Theres so many of my favourite series listed on this thread!!!:D

It has also reminded me how much of them I still have left that I need to get watched!

Ive got the last 2 series of fringe and only got about 3/4 of a series into BG

Loved farscape and babylon 5 when I was a kid though and still do, and firefly/serenity was a brilliant and completely unbelievable when then cancelled the series!
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I had to look that up, I'd never heard of Fringe before. I'll have to check that out. :)

Anyone see the X-Files movie? The series did nothing for me, other than that guy that chain smoked, I thought he was pretty interesting, but I really enjoyed the movie, I thought that really nailed it.
I actually loved the X Files but it is one of those shows where you have to watch every single episode because the main storyline is spread so thin. Then again I watched it as it originally aired but now you can find lists online if you just want to watch it for the main storyline. I actually liked the standalone episodes better though lol. As far as the movies I liked them both.
I only saw the one, whichever it was, was pretty good.

I saw it as it aired, just didn't dig it and gave it up.

Which is fine, some people like crab, some like chicken, some like veggies. :)