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Farsi Font

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by reza, Jan 7, 2010.

  1. reza

    reza Newbie
    Thread Starter

    How can install Farsi/Persian font(same as Arabic) on my device?,i guess there is some pre-installed font because translator app is working & it is able to show those Persian text but on other hand on internet,facebook,etc when text written on farsi i just have some meaningless sign,any suggestion?

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  2. ara_z80

    ara_z80 Lurker

    I cant find any way for this problem. can you say if you do something for fix it ?
  3. Marshal

    Marshal Newbie

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  4. vahid_motabar

    vahid_motabar Lurker

    I need cardiac font for desire
  5. mpourshafai

    mpourshafai Lurker

    Is there any Farsi (Persian) language font in Andriod 2.2? Please advise
  6. mahdi22

    mahdi22 Lurker

    why Android dosn't have farsi font?????????????????????
  7. pharzin

    pharzin Lurker

    Facebook App in Adroid 2.2 does not support Farsi fonts, any solution?
  8. mentezari

    mentezari Lurker

    Recently I rooted my HTC EVO 4G Sprint smarphone and then installed a gengerbread ROM which also enabled me to read my farsi emails. Here is the link:

    [6-5-11][ROM] gingerbread-evo-deck [1.0][2.3.3 Stable][1.2v][2.3.4 Beta] - xda-developers

    Just remember the 'universal root' mentioned not only roots the phone but also flashes the ROM. I have since then reflashed my ROM with that of Deck's and I am very happy about it. I just tried the 'hotspot' and it worked flawlessly. The Browser is fast too. Best of all the battery life rocks. Good luck.
  9. PersianSphinx

    PersianSphinx Lurker

    This is how to fix the Farsi, Arabic and Hebrew fonts for any Android device.

    If you know how to root your device, great; your a step ahead. If not, no problem... In 65% of cases you need the Clockwork mod recovery, AKA CMW. Amon Ra's custom recovery also works fine. By Rooting your phone, you VOID YOUR GUARANTEE. I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE IF YOU MANAGE TO SOMEHOW BREAK OR BRICK YOUR PHONE!!!

    1-Go to CyanogenMod | Android Community Rom based on Gingerbread
    Check if they support your phone model. If they do, follow their
    instructions and 'flash' (or install) their version of Android, which
    I found works even better than the stock (the one you currently
    have) version of Android!!

    2-Go to http://www.forums.xda-developers.com
    On the upper right hand corner of the page, insert your phone model
    and after selecting it, go to the 'android development for the *phone
    model*' and then try to find a posted 'ROM' thread that is to your liking
    HEBREW, whichever one you need. You can contact the ROM developer
    if you need.

    3-If youre phone supports this, by updating to the 2.3 version of Android, AKA
    Gingerbread, you will have fixed Persian fonts. I'm not 100% sure about this
    one, but I have seen the fix on the 'Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray' and it works.

    I hope I've helped :)
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  10. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon
    VIP Member

    PersianSphinx and others - I wholeheartedly back your idea for getting this important information out and I know that others on AndroidForums.com staff feel the exact same way.

    I, myself, have posted about CyanogenMod's important support in this area, even though I am a stranger to your language.

    Therefore, I am glad that this opportunity is being offered by a someone with a first-hand sensitivity to the language issue.

    CyanogenMod simply requires root access to your phone - the exact equivalent to Admin access on a PC.

    If you are unsure on how to get this for your phone after looking over our forums, please send me a private message (PM). You can find how to do that by clicking here -

    User CP

    and then looking in the left side for sending a message, or by clicking my name to the left of these words and choosing to send me a message.

    I cannot pretend to know the rooting details for your phone, but I can help point you in the direction of others who have.

    Cheers, many thanks! :)
  11. greentarco

    greentarco Lurker

    Posted by: ara_z80
    Original Content:
    Manam android 2.2 daram
    vase inke farsi nemikhone koli be moshkel khordam. mitoni komakam koni?
  12. breceivemail

    breceivemail Lurker

    1. Refer to this link. There is a complete solution there.
  13. breceivemail

    breceivemail Lurker

  14. mashardy

    mashardy Lurker

    It's absolutely ridiculous that a company like Google doesn't have stock supported Farsi font for Android OS like Apple does for iPhones! In 2012 you should not be rooting your phone for a font used by over 100+ million people on the face of the globe.

    You want to f… with the name Persian Gulf just because Arabs keeps filling your Google bank accounts with their Petro-Dollars fine, but this? This is absurd!!!

    As soon as iPhone 5 hits the shelves bye bye Android! Sergey & Larry can come and kiss my Persian loving arse...

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