Help fascinate calendar wont sync w/ gmail calenar


Last weekend, my gmail calendar on my phone lost ALL the data ! It was still there on the online calendar. If I add a new event or appt now, it will appear either if i add it from the phone or the google calendar. I callec tech support, went thru tons of troubleshooting w/ them and did a software upgrade last night. Still the old info did not repopulate. I had to manually re-enter all the appts, etc.. Now, I cannot enter anything past 5/12/2012 !!
If anyone has any ideas, i would be most appreciative !


Yeah, everything disappeared a few days ago (from the fascinate calendar still in tact) and now the only appts on the fascinate calendar are appts I have entered recently.

What the heck? Maybe something with the manage applications somehow, like the calendar storage data got cleared or something. Only question is why did it happen, is there a way to get it back, is it going to happen again, etc.
Same thing happened to me. I've got three different calendars under my gmail calendar account. The main one (one with all my birthdays and appointments) is missing on my phone but still available online. The other two are there like nothing has ever happened.

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