Fast battery drain overnight.


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Woke up this morning and found my battery at 13% when it was 100% when U went to sleep. Did not see it turn on and off during the night or anything. suggestions?


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I found that wifi on drained my battery heavily overnight despite there being nothing apparently connecting to the internet. I turn it off now when not in use and have found big improvement. Also found that having push set for my emails drained heavily. What I do now is use the stock email app and set my sync schedule to push from eight in the morning till ten at night and off during the night. This has also helped with battery and also means I don't get notifications or vibrations during night as emails arrive.


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Im pretty sure its less than that bro. Even before i posted that, i was at 98% and unplugged to see if it was the same on AOKP and it did reset :beer:


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Hope im right for a change lol :beer:

You called it.

But to get back on topic, get the phone charged up and let it run down overnight again, but this time have an app like betterbatterystats, wake lock detector, or gsam battery monitor installed.

In the morning post what one of those apps say


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:smokingsomb: :p :beer:

Or if you read this too late.. the graph you showed us in the screenshot.. tap on that graph and it will show a more detailed one so screenshot that in the morning :thumbup:


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It's hard to tell just from that stat page. The media server and screen on are pretty high for the phone being "asleep" all night. Do you stream music? I know Slacker has given me problems in the past and will keep the media server active.

You would be well served to get a batter monitoring app installed to troubleshoot issues like this. Better Battery Stats mentioned above, or GSam Battery Monitor give you a lot more information than the stock monitor on what is using the battery.