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Fast shipping how much does your box weigh?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jazzman09, Aug 11, 2010.

  1. jazzman09

    jazzman09 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I get mine tommarow, fedex says it only weighs 1 pound in the tracking info, that is really light!

    This process was so much faster and seemless than the droid x order, i think most people who had droid got droid x and this phone never really got advertized like the x.

  2. westau

    westau Lurker

    Mine is coming tomorrow too. Package weight 4 pounds, but I am getting 2 phones and the car mount and car charger.

    Edit: Fedex changed the weight of mine to 3 pounds, and it is out on the delivery truck, I can't wait for it to get here.
  3. jazzman09

    jazzman09 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    wow that is a huge order!
  4. Lightnspirit

    Lightnspirit Member

    Mine will be here friday on my day off, says 1lb. I only got the phone, going to wait till the car charger and window mount are on ebay.
  5. Old Man

    Old Man Android Enthusiast

    3.0 lbs. for 1 phone, docking station, case and car charger. It is probably packaged much like the Droid X, in which case it would be a small box with minimal wasted space or material.
  6. xrussx

    xrussx Well-Known Member

    I am getting 1 phone = 1lb on the FedEx site.
  7. Pucuck

    Pucuck Well-Known Member

    When I ordered the DX it weighed 1 lb when Fedex first scanned it. Then by the time it got to me, the Fedex site said it weighed 3 lbs.
  8. redpanda

    redpanda Well-Known Member

    I picked mine up from the store. It's definitely a small box. It'd say it's about 4"x4"x2". One pound sounds about right.

    Wish I could take the day off work to play with it! I'm very happy so far.
  9. DROIDing

    DROIDing Android Enthusiast

    Let me go check my tracking link in my Email now... also, I think the initial default weight for all tracking is 1 pound no matter what - this has happened to me MANY times. This just means its been entered into the system.

    Woo Hoo, it is "In Transit" and will be here by 3:00pm... but yes, the weight is only 1 pound of .5kg.
  10. stl387

    stl387 Lurker

    I got mine at the store. Like @redpanda said, the box quite small, definatly the smallest I've seen for a cell phone. All that was in there was the phone, charger with USB cable, and some starter tips and warrenty information. So having the shipment weigh a pound is about right.
  11. westau

    westau Lurker

    Mine said before 3:00pm too, but still isn't here with 7 minutes to go. I really want this thing.

    Edit: and then the fedex man knocks on the door with 4 minutes to spare.
  12. JasonU

    JasonU Newbie

    The fedex tracking lists mine at 2 lbs, and I ordered ONLY the phone, no accessories. Of course, the Droid X & desktop charger were listed as 3 lbs, and it was definitely lighter than that.
  13. DROIDing

    DROIDing Android Enthusiast

    HAAAAAA! Me too.... well, 2:30pm, so they had a half hour. Nothing like cutting it close!

    Now I just need to wait for a root for this thing so I can totally retire my Touch Pro 2, and get online at home :)

    When the day comes that Android WiFi Tether works on the Droid 2 in Infrastructure Mode so I can get my PS3 and Wii online, I'll be one HAPPY camper!!!
  14. jsanta11

    jsanta11 Newbie

    Mines should be here in next two hours, Can't wait ... and fedex has it listed as 2lbs

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