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Fast VPN for android phones and tablets

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by tumaeka123, Apr 26, 2012.

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    i just want to share this new app i saw on the internet. it is called

    it so fast that you might leave your old vpn on your android device.


    • 1 tap connect to our vpn server.
    • Gives you unrestricted Speed.
    • Encrypts your internet traffic.
    • Unblocks web sites.
    • Dynamic IP provided.

    • Easy to use user interface.
    • You can use multiple servers.
    • Can tunnel through ICMP.
    • Works with GPRS and WIFI.

    it is a android version of the program called: PD-Proxy

    it is for computers only not android so the PD-Proxy made an android version of it.

    PD-Proxy is a tunneling software that can secure your internet connection by encrypting all your connections to the internet.

    Statement of the PD-Proxy

    when i discovered pd proxy my internet life became better. no not better but the best of all!

    Link : www.pdproxy.com.

    For more infos about the Android version of it visit this: DroidVPN - Personal VPN for android phones and android tablets


    use pd-proxy and it's own android version see the difference..

    you will never regret this.

    this will make your internet life better also. ooops i mean this will make your internet life the best.

    features of PD-Proxy includes the following:

    No one can tell your real IP address or identify your locality.

    All the programs installed on your computer will be working automatically via VPN, which is the main difference between VPN and proxy server, requiring software support for proxy connection.

    Benefits of VPN Include

    Security - VPNs provide the highest level of security using advanced encryption and authentication protocols that protect data from unauthorized access. When you create a private virtual tunnel between your computer and ours, and surf the internet from there, your VPN account is giving you a layer of security you did not have before.

    Anonymous Surfing - Our service will make anonymous and secure your Internet connection, creating an encrypted tunnel between you and our servers. This will assign a new ip address to your computer, in this case your online activity is anonymous and prevents harassment caused by people tracking you by your IP address.



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