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Ia there anyway to make your signal faster?
Ia there anyway to make your signal faster?

Yes but you need busybox,pimpmyrom(only to enable int scripts),scriptmanager,and 3GTurboCharger.When running 3GTC you have 1 through 6 1 is fastest and more battery friendly while anything higher is even faster but kills battery.You get 4 g speeds on 6 but forementioned is self explanatory this is why I'm not a fan of anything 4g only 2 and 3g for me


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The problem with the signal on the rise is the intervals which it connects to a tower/wifi. The faster the signal the quicker the battery drain and consistant drops. The solution is very simple.
First your phone must be rooted in order to make any changes. You can search this forum for root procedures.

Second download the app PimpMyRom from Google Play.

After PMR has been installed scroll to the tab called "System Tweaks".
Select the section called "Network & Internet" The first option is "Scan Interval", change the setting to 320. The limit is 400.
Then put a check mark in the following option...

Faster Media Streaming
Faster DNS
Enable HSUPA
Protect against SYN attacks
Avoid Time-Wait
Block Redirects
Block Source-Routing
IPV4 Tweaks

Click on save at the top of PMR and PMR will give you a notification to reboot. Reboot and you will see a real improvement.
You can delete PMR afterwards and the changes will stay.
This worked great for me!

Warning: I am not responsible for any additional changes you make with Pimp My Rom. There is a potential to brick your device.


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TechDad the 3g turbocharge works very well, i have seen a diffrence in my internet and i checked with