Faster upload then download? 3G sporadic. Slow. Help?


Hi All,

I'm trying to make the most of my Droid. I am using a speed test app on the Droid and then use PDANet to tether, with both I get speeds twice as fast for uploading then downloading. Also, I can usually get 3-4 bars of 3G at my house, sometimes it just switches to 1X at 1-2 bars and I can't figure out why. Location doesn't change, just sitting on my desk.

Is there a setting somewhere I am missing? VZW "support" was useless.



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Issue has been documented here, but not resolved. Google "Droid 3G to 1x switching".

Thanks, Colnago - I just read two long threads about it. Stinks that this has not been fixed. I wonder if that antenna port will get utilized :)