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Fastest and most battery-saving Rom?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by agent0064life, May 30, 2011.

  1. agent0064life

    agent0064life Newbie
    Thread Starter

    So I have rooted my phone, but I am very weary of changing ROMs or anything because I almost screwed up my phone with the very simple rooting instructions (not the 1-click).

    I was wondering what is the fastest ROM that will save the most battery life without sacrificing any functionality? I heard some ROMs have problem with MMS or something.

    Then I also need some simple instructions on how to change ROMs. I could Google it and all but I figure there may be different steps for different phones, and with all the people on here who have changed their ROMs, I figure I have a lesser chance of screwing things up.

    And maybe if I'm lucky, an experienced member will walk me through the process over a live chat.

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  2. new optimus

    new optimus Android Expert

    I can not tell you what is the fastest and best on battery, though I am using the teamchickeneater rom and with minimal use it has gone 2days 5 hours before getting down to 10 % charge. Under heavy use 1 day 4 hours. And that is without using setcpu or juice defender. or any task killers.
    Now how to flash a rom, the easy way Do you have joneidy's custom recovery?
    As shown in this thread if so then go into market and get, if you dont already have it Anreboot when its installed hit it and touch reboot recovery make sure you give it root privileges When you are in the recovery menu you will see the pic just like in the recovery thread I linked.
    First it will say reboot system then usb etc to flash a rom you will want to do two things first go to backup/restore, and create a nand backup, just incase anything in the following goes wrong you can get your phone back to the way it is at this moment.
    Just in case you do not know this already you need to have the rom of your choosing on your sd card, I made a folder called it Custom Roms and placed the zipped file just as it was downloaded, don't try extracting it as the flasher looks for that zipped file. IF you have already gone into recovery and forgot to put the file on the sd card dont worry you can go to the toggle usb menu and it will, if your plugged in mount the sd card and you can move the files then.

    Then after your back up is made you will go to the wipe menu, wipe all. this will wipe out all your contacts you will need to reset up your phone from the choose language on. Nice thing is if you use gmail your contacts will be restored from your gmail.
    Ok after wiping everything you can go to the flash zip menu. Using the volume buttons scroll down till you find the zip file, or the folder you put the file in. hit the button and it will do the rest, once the rom is done you can just use the back button to get to the main menu then reboot system.

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