Fastest predicted verizon ICS

Hey all, I'm new to this forum. (sorry if i post in the wrong place) but i was wondering what types of phones are being rumored to come out soon. My ATT contract ended and I'm moving over to verizon, but I want to know what phone to get. I heard the S3 and Droid Incredible 4g will be nice, but I want something with a screen bigger than the Droid, around 4.5" or more. I also would like a 720p display. But i also would like to know SPEED. For this display constraints, what would be the fastest phone out/that will come out soon for verizon?


The Doctor
Galaxy S3 will be announced May 3. There is a leaked graphics benchmarks test where it smoked every single phone against it (even 4S).

Just wait, but I seem to remember that the US tends to get the phones a couple of months late behind the rest of the world.