Fastest Stable 2.1 ROM

I hear a lot of discussion of the top ROMs such as:

Aloysius, DamageControl, Fresh Rom, and Ic3Rom.

Have any of you compared the speeds of these ROMs. For someone simply looking for the fastest stable ROM out there, which would be the best choice.


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In my experience, I've had no issues using Fresh ROM whatsoever. I also think Fresh 2.1.1 is the most recent custom ROM that was released based off of the official release too (if I'm not mistaken, that is..)

My vote goes out for Fresh ROM.


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honestly... they're all just about equal. Flipz (maker of Fresh ROM) did a speed test recently to compare several of the ROM's. the results were just about the same on each one.. and what difference there was was so small that you'd never be able to notice it..

Now, with some of the vanilla ROM's they may or may not be faster than a SensUI rom.. Aloysius and Ic3Rom are vanilla.. Ic3Rom is built off of Fresh2.0d and I think Aloysius is built off Damage Control...

If you want to OC your phone get Fresh Toast...

as far as stable ROMs.. some can be super stable for one person and boot loop for another.. I run Fresh 2.1.1 and it's fast enough for me.. plus it's very stable. Others prefer DC both are SenseUI ROM's with the option to turn off SenseUI and run launcher2 (Nexis style)..


Fresh 2.1.1 is working great on my phone now. In addition to being fast, it uses very little memory and is very stable. My phone was charged on Monday and I have had it in airplane most of the time and it is at 50% battery. Overnight it goes down about 1-2%. That is awesome. Previous versions would suck up 5-8% and occasionally 70% if there was an error with awake time.


I've tried the Fresh 2.0d, DamageControl 2.08 and 2.08.1 and the latest I've tried is Fresh 2.1.1

By far, Fresh 2.1.1 was the best of the 4 to me.


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i just rooted and am on my first rom which is Fresh 2.1.1. So far i'm a fan. It seems like it ended up taking a couple of reboots before some of the quirks cleared out, and i've definitely found a couple of others..but really, nothing performance impacting at all. It seems to run smooth, and i don't know what it is, but i had the same experience with stock 1.5...both with Fresh and the old stock, if i disabled sense, my phone actually performs worse, which makes no real sense, but it's been my experience.

So far, i'd say i'll be sticking with Fresh


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I don't have a basis for comparison vs other ROM's but I'm on Fresh 2.1.1 and it's a good bit faster than the stock 1.5 was.
I saw the real speed increase when I ditched Sense. Now running LauncherPro and have found some great new apps/widgets to replace all the sense stuff and I cannot recommend it enough. Also, without running sense, you have the option to try for even more speed boost with JIT.
If you really want speed on a Sprint Hero, it's seems the best you can do is overclocked FreshToast with a Non-sense launcher and JIT.


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Fresh Toast 2.1 has been the fastest in my experience (I've tried DC 2.8.1, Fresh 2.1.1 and RegawMod 2.1) Despite what it says in the post it seems to be a very stable ROM. Some have had problems flashing it, but it seems that most people have had few/no problems. I'm getting a 3.2 Linpack score, supposedly with JIT enabled you can get a 5.0+


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All of the Sense enabled 2.1 ROMs are slower in 3D games (using Homerun Battle 3D as a benchmark) than vanilla 2.1 ROMs.

FixxxedROM 3.0 was the best performing Vanilla ROM I've found so far. Unfortunately, it looks like his posts have been temporarily wiped from the xda-developers site due to possible identity theft.

As a previous poster stated, all the Sense enabled 2.1 ROMs run about the same speed, which isn't what I would consider fast.



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Out of the following ROMS

DamageControl 2.07.2
DamageControl 2.08
DamageControl 2.08.1
Aloysius 2.0.8
Fresh 2.1.1

In my experience DC 2.07.2 is the fastest and most stable. I started out with it and upgraded to the others, but there were little nagging problems with them so I decided to go back and it's awesome.


Dang, this Fresh 2.1.1 is AWESOME. Huge battery improvement over 1.5 stock and fresh 2.0d. I am used to the phone eating up 1% an hour while in airplane mode and never being used so this is just awesome.

Now, the awake time is 3:43:30, up time is 91 hours and I still have 25% remaining. After taking a phone call yesterday evening and the phone battery being at 25% now, 14 hours later, it is still at 25%. Perhaps a glitch but in the past, my phone never made it this far.

And thats on top of the excellent memory free up and the speed.