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Favorite App so far.... Developers please see link to Announcements above.

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by punkzanyj, Oct 27, 2008.

  1. elektrobix

    elektrobix Member

    Two of my latest faves are:

    Zedge - i'm glad they've created an app instead of having to do everything through their website! Loads of free ringtones and wallpapers that you can apply from directly within the app.

    Newsroom - I was previously using FeedR as my RSS reader but this is so much better. The only thing i miss is being able to share articles.

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  2. ranovr

    ranovr Lurker

    You could try a QR Code...that's not really giving the link out ;)
  3. stamets303

    stamets303 Newbie

    Zedge: I like the fact I can acess the ringtones I've download with my other options like Handcent and the stock alarm feature on my hero. It makes it so much easier to have specific ringtones set when I recieve a text for certain people and calls and all that.
  4. keebs29

    keebs29 Newbie

    I have a Cliq and these are my favorite apps by FAR:

    Anycut ( I love love love this app)
    advance task manager (pd version).
    Bubble wrap game (this is addicting)
    handcent sms (this should of already been installed)
    google skymap (awesome!!)
    % calculator (I have an 11 yr old who finds this VERY useful when doing homework)
    trapster (I live in the suburbs of Chicago and there are TONS of red light camers)

    This is just to name my FAVORITES. I'm still trying to find an app to remind me when my bills are due (ONLY bills and thats it) w/0 having to put them in my calendar. :)
  5. thenapolitan

    thenapolitan Newbie

    c[seemyavatarpicturefortheswypeqrcode]ough... :D
  6. keebs29

    keebs29 Newbie

    thenapolitan???? What????
  7. thenapolitan

    thenapolitan Newbie

    sorry...my post is in response to 'ranovr''s request about 4 posts up...that's me trying to be incognito :rolleyes:
  8. keebs29

    keebs29 Newbie

  9. drumtrucker

    drumtrucker Well-Known Member

    saw reference to 'QR code' somewhere else, I give up...
    what is it?
  10. thenapolitan

    thenapolitan Newbie

    a QR code is also known as a 2D bar code. The app called Barcode Scanner in the market will read these codes and tell you what data is stored in it (usually a string of text). Download Barcode Scanner and read the one that I have below my screen name. :)
  11. sweetmike

    sweetmike Newbie

    Did you ever find out if it is okay to charge your phone overnight without decreasing the life span of the battery? or would it be best to charge the phone when it os low say 3-5% of battery life?
  12. pine

    pine Newbie

    Favorites so far:

    Astrid: good task manager
    Google Sky Map: cool astronomy app
    Maps: duh
    Shop Savy: saved me some dough over the holidays
    Ultrachron: great stopwatch/timer use for cooking and napping
    Listen: good podcast app
    Trimble Outdoors: good hiking GPS app
  13. raviandsonia

    raviandsonia Newbie

    Number of posts mention Bonsai Blast but I have not been able to find it on market place. Where can I find it? Thanks.
  14. pine

    pine Newbie

    Mike, it should not make a difference with modern lithium ion batteries. Back when phones used older technology batteries it was better (sometimes) to drain them down all the way.

    Nowadays, you can pretty much charge it whenever you want! :)
  15. windstrings

    windstrings Well-Known Member

    you can charge the Lithium Ion or Lithium polymer battery in your cell phone whenever you like.... its actually "preferred" to not discharge all the way down unless you need to... but for the longevity of the battery, they actually prefer to be topped off or even left on the charger overnight.

    Its been many years now since cell phones "big handheld with a cord" that used the old NiCad batteries that developed nasty memories without a full discharge... that is not an issue with your battery.

    Keep it on the charger whenever you don't need it on your person and/or overnight.
  16. shizzy1427

    shizzy1427 Android Enthusiast

    My faves are:

    Tunes Remote- Lets you control your iTunes library remotely from anywhere within the range of your wifi network.

    VLC Remote- Lets you control VLC player from anywhere within the wifi network.

    Twidroid- Easily the easiest to use, nicest lookely, and issue free twitter client

    Advanced App Manager- comes with a 1x1 widget that kills all apps and i love that.

    Spare parts- lets me see which apps are taking up most battery use and cpu use. and let me speed up my droid alot by turning off all transition animations and window animations.

    Last.fm- my personal favorite personalized radio website. was using it long before having an android phone.

    Video Player- Lets me play video files on my phone, so i can watch my favorite episodes of The Office whenever i want!

    Gameboid- GBA emulator. playing pokemon games all day haha

    PdaNet- let me tether EASILY which is pretty helpful
  17. jreed2560

    jreed2560 Android Expert

    After using the Eris for a little over a month my fav apps so far...

    Facebook for Android
    Places Directory
    Barcode Scanner
    Spare Parts

    yeah I know its like the first 10 to 15 apps under all applications
  18. andgkj

    andgkj Lurker

    Anycut rocks...
    i love that application.. I believe that is the best application for our mobiles :D
  19. iLollar

    iLollar Newbie

    Maybe when you tell everyone your favorite app you could tell what it does too. Makes it a lot easier than having to search for it.
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  20. snuckles

    snuckles Newbie

  21. njKeever

    njKeever Well-Known Member

    Swype by a ridiculously long shot!
  22. njKeever

    njKeever Well-Known Member

    Everyone's raving about Anycut, but can you give some examples of what you use it for? By default you can already add shortcuts for contacts, direct dial, navigation, settings, etc, so what do you use Anycut for?
  23. jasnmb

    jasnmb Well-Known Member

    is swype available yet? I can't find it on the android market. EDIT: nevermind, I found swype. ;)

    BTW - I'm loving ShapeWriter. Gesture-based typing is awesome!
  24. skywriter

    skywriter Newbie

    Just tried Mobile Security by Lookout. Love this app. It's beta, so still in test stages, but what a great thing to be a part of. Does everything it professes to do. Try it for yourself.
  25. shizzy1427

    shizzy1427 Android Enthusiast

    its available but not on the market. id give you the link but it would be removed :rolleyes: so just search on google

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